Old Pictures of the Kite

In summer 1972 I shot off a black and white film round the Kite.

These are some of the pictures, scanned from the original prints

Denture repair shop, Fitzroy St
The Fitzroy St denture repair shop stood where Next is now, facing City Road. Just to the left of the shot is the shop that is currently Starbucks
The Old English Gentleman (deceased)
The Old English Gentleman pub, Fitzroy Street, closed after a fire
Willow Place
Willow Place, to the East of Willow Walk, now under the Western Car Park
James Street
James St; the nearest 3 houses survive; those from 4 (bricked up) upwards were demolished and replaced by new Council housing
Shop and house no. 50 Fitzroy St next door
A small shop with house next door at 50 Fitzroy St, now under the Grafton mall
Little Kettle shop with derelict shop next door
The Little Kettle was a hardware shop. It was later the site of a squat against the development. It was across the end of Gold Street from Waffles (out of shot beside the cameraman)
Wellington St
Houses in Wellington St now demolished
21 John St bricked up
21 John Street; bricked up houses were a common sight around the Kite (see also James St above). This one had had its front door unbricked prior to improvement for Council rent. It is still a Council house today
John Street in 1972 City Road in 1972
Some less changed scenes today. John Street (left, above and below), City Road (right above) and the Co-Op Funeral parlour in James St (right below)
John Street in 1972 Co-Op Funeral parlour, James St in 1972

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