Pictures of Cambridge historic street lights, 2012

Historic former gas lights in central Cambridge and a few current ones

All but the gas lights are under threat due to the County Council PFI deal

Earl Street; all four columns in the street are of this type

Earl St (1)

Earl St (2)

Earl St (3)

Clarendon Street, the only one remaining

Clarendon Street

New Square, showing both remaining columns

New Square

Christchurch Street, one of the three there

Christchurch Street

St Edward's Passage

St Edward's Passage (1)

St Edward's Passage (2)

St Edward's Passage (3)

Renovated gas lights in Little St Mary's Lane

Little St Mary's Lane (1)

The only wall-mounted gas light remaining

Little St Mary's Lane (2)

Former gas lights around the city

Anstey Way, Trumpington, including a footpath light

Anstey Way (1)

Anstey Way (2)

Anstey Way (3)

Some modernised gas lights in private roads around the city

Barrow Road, Trumpington

Barrow Road

Millington Road, Newnham

Millington Road (1)

Millington Road (2)

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