Cambridge street name plates

A Downing Street nameplate was recently put up for auction
Below are examples of existing street name plates showing
the different but distinctive Cambridge name plate types

This page has been revised following discussions with local artist Jon Harris

Grafton Street
The original and most prevalent style, like the Downing Street sign sent to auction
It was used for signs produced for about a century from 1836;
there were many detailed variations in that time

John Street
The next street, before and after pictures when I repainted the sign in 1972

Gilbert Road
The same style, a restored sign not (so far at least) remounted; 20th Century

Pembroke Street
The same style again, next street to Downing Street;
probably early 19th century like the sign offered for auction

Tennis Court Road
The sign that was offered on ebay, recovered and (as can clearly be seen) remounted;
20th Century

Downing Street
The remaining cast iron sign in Downing Street. A later style, with detailed font changes

City Road
Another cast iron style, smaller size letters, including initial letters

Warkworth Street
Another style, using individual letter tiles. Included because Downing Street once had a similar
sign. Aficionados of typography can see why individual tiles like this don't look so good.

Details of the sign recently sent to auction
from Bonham's web site
Downing Street detail Downing Street detail Downing Street detail Downing Street detail Downing Street detail

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